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Japan's New Government

CFR's Japan expert Sheila Smith says U.S.-Japan relations remain important for both governments, but the issue of realigning U.S. military forces in Japan will continue to be a difficult challenge.

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U.S.-Libya Relations

Dana Moss of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says that Libya will continue to seek a good relationship with the United States in its effort to raise its international profile, but she cautions against seeing the U.S.-Libya rapprochement as a model for other rogue states.

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Balancing India and China

Amid a new round of India-China border talks, regional specialists Sumit Ganguly and Minxin Pei discuss relations between these rising powers and how they affect U.S. interests in Asia.

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Sanctioning North Korea

CFR Fellow Kara C. McDonald says the new UN Security Council Resolution against North Korea is one of the strongest set of sanctions adopted thus far by the body, though success in bringing North Korea back to the negotiation table is dependent on enforcement.

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