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Renewing America

Renewing America

Obama's Midterm Economics

Obama's proposals to cut business taxes and boost infrastructure spending are worth a try, says CFR's Sebastian Mallaby, but more monetary stimulus by the Fed could "come back to bite."

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WikiLeaks' Fallout for U.S.-Pakistan Ties

South Asia experts Shuja Nawaz and Bruce Riedel say the WikiLeaks documents pose challenges to an already strained U.S.-Pakistan relationship. They say the Obama administration should expand military and civilian assistance to the country, along with a focus on greater trade.

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Kosovo's 'Moment of Opportunity'

The International Court of Justice ruling on the legality of Kosovo's independence declaration creates a "moment of opportunity," says former British ambassador David Gowan, but CFR's John Bellinger cautions that it isn't likely to set a precedent for other secessionist groups.