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Smarter Measures in Fight against Piracy

Author: Michael L. Baker

Somali pirates have been resilient against efforts to stop them, but a new approach that includes legal measures, controlling financial flows, building regional capacity and more could be the combination that defeats piracy, writes CFR's Michael Lyon Baker.

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The G20 Takes a Step Back

Author: Steven Dunaway

The G20 finance ministers' agreement may have helped avert a global currency war. However, by potentially shifting the focus toward reducing external imbalance, there is a risk that policy adjustments needed to deal with imbalances among the major world economies will be neglected, writes CFR's Steven Dunaway.

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Nigeria's Pre-Election Tensions

Author: John Campbell

Nigerian President Jonathan's mishandling of the aftermath of a lethal car-bomb incident could spell heightened regional tensions in the lead-up to elections early next year, says CFR'S John Campbell.

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Upping the Ante in China-Japan Clash

Author: Sheila A. Smith

The escalating dispute between Beijing and Tokyo about Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing boat captain is a challenge for Washington and raises concerns about Chinese maritime activities in the Asia Pacific, says CFR's Sheila Smith.

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