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A Coast Guard for the Emerging Arctic

Author: Captain Peter Troedsson, USCG

As human activity intensifies in the Arctic, U.S. interests would be best represented by a reinforced Coast Guard, exercising the role it carries out in other coastal areas, writes CFR Military Fellow Peter Troedsson.

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What if Pakistan's 'Old Lion' Returns to Govern?

Author: Daniel S. Markey

Nawaz Sharif appears poised to return as Pakistan's prime minister, which would create new challenges for the country's already fractious politics and add strains to the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, writes CFR's Daniel Markey.

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A Transitional Climate Summit in Doha

Author: Michael A. Levi

The UN climate meeting could show progress on outstanding issues from previous rounds, but negotiators are focused on modest steps forward rather than major breakthroughs, says CFR's Michael Levi.

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