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Author: Steven Dunaway

China's exchange rate policy will dominate the economic dialogue between the United States and China during President Hu's state visit to Washington. There's scant hope differences can be resolved, says CFR's Steven Dunaway.

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Smarter Measures in Fight against Piracy

Author: Michael L. Baker

Somali pirates have been resilient against efforts to stop them, but a new approach that includes legal measures, controlling financial flows, building regional capacity and more could be the combination that defeats piracy, writes CFR's Michael Lyon Baker.

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The G20 Takes a Step Back

Author: Steven Dunaway

The G20 finance ministers' agreement may have helped avert a global currency war. However, by potentially shifting the focus toward reducing external imbalance, there is a risk that policy adjustments needed to deal with imbalances among the major world economies will be neglected, writes CFR's Steven Dunaway.

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