Testimony by CFR fellows and experts before Congress.

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author: Brad W. Setser

Brad Setser argues that the best way to address concerns over sovereign wealth are policy shifts in the United States and abroad that would reduce surpluses abroad and U.S. deficits, and bring the U.S. external deficit back to a level that could be more easily be financed by private demand for U.S. assets.

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The Crisis in Zimbabwe

Author: Michelle D. Gavin

In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Subcommittee on African Affairs, Michelle Gavin discusses the crisis in Zimbabwe and its prospects for resolution.

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Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author: Brad W. Setser

In this testimony, Brad Setser examines the forces that have propelled the growth of sovereign funds and the differences among sovereign funds.  In particular, he looks at the issues raised by the increase in the non-reserve foreign assets of China’s government.

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