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CFR maintains an archive of unedited transcripts from its on-the-record meetings. Separate archives of audio and video recordings are also available.

Innovative Solutions in Responding to Future Challenges

Panelists: Arwa Damon, Strive Masiyiwa, Sarah Sewall, and Richard Williamson

This meeting is part of the symposium entitled Imagine the Unimaginable: Ending Genocide in the 21st Century, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and CNN.

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Over the Horizon: Global Trends Affecting Genocide

Panelists: Chris Kojm, Peter Schwartz, and Timothy D. Snyder

This meeting is part of the symposium entitled Imagine the Unimaginable: Ending Genocide in the 21st Century, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and CNN.

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The New North American Energy Paradigm: Reshaping the Future

Speaker: Rex W. Tillerson
Presider: Alan S. Murray

Rex W. Tillerson, chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil Corporation, discusses North America's natural gas and oil resources, technological innovations, and their effect on the global energy market.

This meeting is part of the Corporate Program's CEO Speaker Series, which provides a forum for leading global CEOs to share their priorities and insights before a high-level audience of CFR members. The series aims to educate the CFR membership on the private sector's important role in the policy debate by engaging the global business community's top leadership.

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Inside Korea

Speakers: Hyun In-taek and General Kim Tae-Young
Presider: Charles L. "Jack" Pritchard

Hyun In-taek and Kim Tae-young discuss their experiences managing crises on the Korean peninsula in 2010 and their policy recommendations for future U.S.-ROK cooperation.

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Iran: The Nuclear Challenge

Speakers: Elliott Abrams, Robert M. Danin, and Richard A. Falkenrath
Presider: Robert D. Blackwill

A panel discussion marking the release of Iran: The Nuclear Challenge, a forthcoming Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) ebook. The essays in this volume, all authored by fellows in CFR's David Rockefeller Studies Program and edited by Robert Blackwill, inform readers on how, not what, to think about Iran's nuclear activities.

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The Lasting Legacy of George F. Kennan

Speaker: John Lewis Gaddis
Presider: Richard N. Haass

John Lewis Gaddis, author of George F. Kennan: An American Life, discusses the diplomatic and personal legacy of George F. Kennan, former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union.

This meeting is part of a series hosted with the National History Center featuring prominent historians who will examine the events and times that shaped foreign policy as we know it today.

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National Teleconference: The State of the World’s Refugees: From Indifference to Solidarity

Speaker: António Guterres
Presider: George Rupp

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres explains how the increasing number of new crises around the world, in areas such as Syria, Sudan/South Sudan, and Mali, has revealed that the capacity of the international community to present conflict is considerably limited.

This meeting is part of the Arthur C. Helton Memorial Lecture series, which was established by the Council and the family of Arthur C. Helton, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who died in the August 2003 bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. The Helton Lectureship is an annual event at which one or more speakers address pressing issues in the broad field of human rights and humanitarian concerns.

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A Conversation with Senator Marco Rubio

Speaker: Marco Rubio
Presider: Richard Stengel

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) discusses his points of views on current events, such as the situation in Syria, the Arab Spring and the current state of Affairs in Egypt, and Iran's nuclear weapons program and the debate over an Israeli military strike.

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A Conversation with General C. Robert Kehler

Speaker: General C. Robert Kehler
Presider: Franklin C. Miller

General C. Robert Kehler discusses the future of U.S. strategic nuclear forces, as well as U.S. Strategic Command's broader mission to deter and detect attacks against the U.S. and its allies, prepare for emerging threats around the world, and defend the nation as directed.

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mDevelopment: Harnessing Mobile Technology for Global Economic Growth

Speakers: Ann Mei Chang, Alex Counts, and Scott Ratzan
Introductory Speaker: Cherie Blair
Presider: Isobel Coleman

Ann Mei Chang, Alex Counts, and Scott C. Ratzan discuss innovative ways mobile technology can be leveraged to foster economic growth, empower women, improve public health, and alleviate poverty.

The Women and Technology Roundtable Series is made possible thanks to the generous support of ExxonMobil.

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