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As part of its mission, CFR convenes meetings in New York, Washington, DC, and other cities where senior government officials, global leaders, and prominent thinkers come together with CFR members to discuss and debate major international issues.

Many of these on-the-record meetings are streamed live. Upcoming CFR Live meetings are listed below. You can also subscribe to CFR's YouTube channel for updates. Additionally, CFR maintains an archive of full-length videos from its on-the-record meetings, as well as transcripts and audio recordings.

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Russia Update

Speakers: Masha Gessen and Stephen Sestanovich
Presider: Drew J. Guff

On the eve of the Russian elections, Masha Gessen, journalist and author of The Man Without A Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, and Stephen Sestanovich, CFR's George F. Kennan Senior Fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies, sat down to discuss Putin's strategy and public response.

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Saudi Arabia in the New Middle East

Speakers: F. Gregory Gause III and Toby C. Jones
Presider: Paul B. Stares

Leading regional experts Gregory Gause, III and Toby C. Jones assess the stability of Saudi Arabia, its role in the reshaped region, and the future of U.S.-Saudi relations.

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Screening of Qarantina

Speaker: Oday Rasheed
Presider: Deborah Amos

Iraqi filmmaker Oday Rasheed discusses his second film, Qarantina, which follows the story of a broken family in Baghdad who takes in a mysterious boarder.

Qarantina is part of the Global Lens 2012 film series and was co-presented with the Global Film Initiative.

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Lessons of Diplomacy: An Event in Memory of Richard C. Holbrooke

Speakers: Christopher R. Hill, Vali R. Nasr, and Frank G. Wisner
Introductory Speakers: Richard N. Haass and Kati Marton
Presider: Leslie H. Gelb

This special event was held in memory of the late Richard C. Holbrooke, former board director and longtime member of CFR. Panelists discussed the lessons of diplomacy learned from U.S. engagement in Vietnam, Bosnia, and Afghanistan, three areas Ambassador Holbrooke worked on and cared deeply about.

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What Have We Learned about Macroeconomics from the Crisis?

Speakers: Olivier Blanchard, Richard H. Clarida, and Mark Zandi
Presider: James F. Hoge Jr.

Experts discuss the lessons learned during the financial crisis and the importance of federal economic oversight in addition to regulatory reform.

This meeting was part of the McKinsey Executive Roundtable series in International Economics.

The Geopolitics of the Arctic

Speakers: Scott G. Borgerson and Paula J. Dobriansky
Presider: Frank Sesno

Scott Borgerson and Paula Dobriansky discuss the economic, environmental, and security implications of a changing Arctic region and its significance for the United States.

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World Economic Update

Speakers: Lewis Alexander, Richard Bernstein, and Diane Swonk
Presider: Sebastian Mallaby

Experts analyze the current economic conditions around the world and discuss potential threats in 2012.

This series is presented by the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.

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