Policy Innovation Memoranda

Policy Innovation Memoranda target critical global problems where new, creative thinking is needed. Written for policymakers and opinion leaders, these brief memos aim to contribute to the foreign policy debate by providing succinct background, rigorous analysis, and specific recommendations.

Authors: Matthew J. Slaughter and Robert B. Zoellick

The United States needs new policies designed to help people develop the skills they need to manage economic change with greater personal security. Matthew J. Slaughter and Robert B. Zoellick lay out a jobs-policy overhaul to support innovation and adapt to changing needs.

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Authors: Edward Alden and Rebecca Strauss

Each year, U.S. state and local governments waste tens of billions of taxpayer dollars competing to lure or retain business investment, with little impact on business behavior. Edward Alden and Rebecca Strauss lay out incremental steps for curbing the subsidy war, beginning with greater disclosure and cost-benefit analyses, and building up to a multistate agreement that creates strong disincentives for continuing subsidies.

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Author: Robert A. Pastor

In looking abroad to promote economic growth, Robert Pastor argues the United States need not go further than its two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Leaders of the three countries can build off of NAFTA to create a more seamless market by negotiating a common external tariff, eliminating restrictions on transportation and services, funding new continental infrastructure, and fostering a sense of community among North Americans.

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Authors: Terrence G. Wiley, Sarah Catherine Moore, and Margaret S. Fee

Facing a global economic challenge, the United States should build a multilingual workforce prepared to thrive in today's world market, which would require a national initiative to improve foreign language education.

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Author: Thomas J. Bollyky

In an era of global supply chains, the United States should pursue regulatory integration on a regional basis. A new White House initiative provides the opportunity to implement this strategy.

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Author: Scott Thomasson

At a time when the country's infrastructure needs are more pressing than ever, Scott Thomasson offers pragmatic solutions for working around current congressional gridlock and unlocking modest yet critical infrastructure investment.

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Author: David M. Marchick

David Marchick calls for new U.S. government efforts to increase the small share of Chinese direct investment in the United States, including combating perceived prejudices, removing policy impediments, and encouraging U.S. businesses to partner with their Chinese counterparts.

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