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Project Syndicate: Qatar's Source of Arab Springs

Author: Khaled Hroub
October 18, 2011


Khaled Hroub suggests that Al-Jazeera's broadcasts from Qatar and fearless involvement in Arab politics has created a new venue for political freedom, fueling the Arab revolutions.

CAMBRIDGE – There’s a joke making the rounds in the Middle East these days: three of Egypt’s former presidents, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar el-Sadat, and Hosni Mubarak, meet in hell and ask each other how they fell. Nasser replies “poison”; Sadat says “assassination”; and Mubarak answers “Al Jazeera.”

During the 15 years that it has broadcast from Qatar, Al Jazeera has served as far more than a traditional television station. With its fearless involvement in Arab politics, it has created a new venue for political freedom, which has culminated in its unreserved support for Arab revolutions.

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