Losing Iraq?

Author: Max Boot
Weekly Standard

Max Boot states that an American drawdown in both Iraq and Afghanistan makes continued war—and with it the possibility of a catastrophic American defeat—more likely by emboldening our enemies and disheartening our friends.

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How Afghanistan Is Rebuilding Itself

J. Alexander Thier interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

As concerns grow over Afghanistan's ability to govern, USAID's J. Alexander Thier discusses development successes and challenges, singling out infrastructure and energy as critical areas for investment.

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Afghan Concerns over U.S. Staying Power

Taj Ayubi interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

As Washington and Kabul work toward a security arrangement post-2014, President Karzai's aide Taj Ayubi says Washington's wariness over signing a binding agreement have led to Afghan concerns over the long-term U.S. commitment to the country.

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Afghan Peace Talks (Audio)

Speakers: James Dobbins and James J. Shinn
Presider: Frank G. Wisner

James Dobbins and James J. Shinn, coauthors of Afghan Peace Talks: A Primer, discuss the relationships between al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, as well as the obstacles and possible outcomes of peace negotiations.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Groundhog War

Author: Bing West

Two documentaries on the Afghan war, Restrepo and Armadillo, show how a combination of overwhelming military resources and aggressive counterinsurgency ultimately leads to frustration on the battlefield.

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