Africa (sub-Saharan)


Preventing Electoral Violence in Africa

A practitioner's guide providing firsthand accounts and lessons from scholars and political and civic leaders in the field, with the aim of expanding the dialogue "to ensure free and fair elections in which all of Africa's people can safely exercise their democratic rights."

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Al-Shabaab and Somalia's Spreading Famine

Rashid Abdi interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

Somalia's growing famine partly stems from a global failure to act on warning signs, but it's exacerbated by militant group al-Shabaab, factions of which are blocking aid delivery and might have to be negotiated with, says Africa analyst Rashid Abdi.

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Must Read

The Nation: The CIA's Secret Sites in Somalia

Author: Jeremy Scahill


The Nation's Jeremy Scahill offers a look into CIA counterterrorism operations in Somalia, particularly the CIA presence in Mogadishu. Washington is intensifying its focus on Somalia, including targeted strikes by U.S. Special Operations forces, drone attacks, and expanded surveillance operations.

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