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Bank Shots

Author: Rachel L. Loeffler

Financial sanctions have become a key tool of U.S. foreign policy. Measures taken against Iran and North Korea make clear that this new financial statecraft can be effective, but true success will require persuading global banks to accept a shared sense of risk.

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Cambodia's Curse

Author: Joel Brinkley

While much of Cambodia -- and of the world -- holds on to memories of the country's sorrowful past under the Khmer Rouge, few seem to notice that the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen is destroying the nation.

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Keeping Up With Asia

Author: Yoichi Funabashi

The Bush legacy in Asia is positive and the next admistration can continue this trend by continuing multilateral engagement with Japan and China.

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Winning Asia

Author: Victor D. Cha

Pundits, academics, and Bush bashers insist that the United States is losing ground in Asia, but they are wrong. The Bush administration's Asia policy has been an unheralded success. Improved relations with China, stronger U.S.-Japanese cooperation, North Korea's gradual nuclear disarmament, and expanding regional alliances have made Asia more prosperous and secure than it has been in decades.

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America's Strategic Opportunity With India

Author: R. Nicholas Burns

The nuclear deal between Washington and New Delhi may have run into trouble, but the future of bilateral relations between the two countries should still be bright. In this article, Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns explains the logic of the Bush administration's passage to India.

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