Australia’s Long View of the Aging Dilemma

Author: Michael W. Hodin
The Fiscal Times

Michael W. Hodin says Australia's recognition that its economic success in the coming decades hinges on dealing with aging populations is a step in the right direction, but a paradigm shift that enables a reasonable percentage of individuals over age sixty-five to remain economically active still needs to occur.

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Time to Forge Closer Canada Ties

Author: Walter Russell Mead
Sydney Morning Herald

Australia and Canada don’t have particularly deep or close relations, but there are strong reasons to believe that closer Canberra-Ottawa ties would bring substantial benefits to both, writes Walter Russell Mead.

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Analysis Brief

The Pacific’s Aussie Sheriff

Australia, once considered a minor power, increasingly plays a more prominent role in the Pacific Rim. As Canberra pursues a policy of creating stability across the region, Australian troops are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. But not everyone is thrilled with Australia's new prominence.

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Australia's Security Role in the Pacific

Author: Esther Pan

Australia is assuming a more prominent role in Pacific Rim security affairs, increasingly deploying forces to troubled states in the region in an attempt to stabilize them. While its moves are welcomed by some of its neighbors, others are wary of Canberra's strong military and its close relationship with Washington.

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