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GMF: Europa-Handbuch: Belarus

Author: Joerg Forbrig

Belarus is an outsider in the political culture of Europe, says this guide to the country from the German Marshall Fund of the United States. The report argues that Belarus is politically, economically and socially far cry from European normality. As the March 2006 presidential elections illustrated, Belarus' democratization efforts of the early 1990s have not only ground to a complete halt but have increasingly given way to open dictatorship under President Alexander Lukashenka.

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News Briefing

News Brief: Observers, Opposition Supporters Contest Belarus Poll Results

Supporters of Belarusian opposition candidate Alexander Milinkevich defied bans on public rallies to protest reports of widespread fraud during the March 19 presidential polls that overwhelmingly re-elected Alexander Lukashenka as president of the former Soviet republic. But, as's Lionel Beehner reports from Minsk, protesters began streaming back home Tuesday evening as the cold Eurasian night began to fall.

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Shushkevich: Belarusian Election A Farce

Stanislav Shushkevich interviewed by Lionel Beehner

One of the Belarusian opposition’s few elder statesmen, Stanislav Shushkevich, says the March 19 presidential polls were “absolutely falsified.” In an interview with from Minsk, he discusses the election, life in Belarus under President Alexander Lukashenka, and prospects for a peaceful revolt similar to those in Ukraine or Georgia.

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Glacel: Belarusian Opposition Gaining Speed but No Revolution in Sight

Sarah Glacel interviewed by Lionel Beehner

Amid signs of slipping popularity, Belarus' authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenka is expected to win a new presidential term on March 19. An official with a prominent Western polling group tells Lukashenka is gaining less support from educated, urban youth but will still likely claim a commanding victory.

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