More Willing and Able: Charting China's International Security Activism

Author: Ely Ratner
Center for a New American Security

China’s external behavior has entered a period of profound evolution. The rapid expansion of Chinese economic, political, and security interests around the world, backed by greater capabilities to advance and defend those interests, is driving Beijing to become increasingly active in international security affairs. Although the ultimate character of China’s future foreign policy remains uncertain – including to leaders in Beijing – China has already begun deviating from long-standing foreign policy practices in ways that reflect its changing constellation of interests and capabilities.

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Primary Sources

One Belt, One Road

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced this initiative in 2013, which aims to connect countries along the original Silk Road and other maritime nations. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will lend to countries working on these infrastructure and trade projects. On March 28, 2015, the China's Foreign Ministry released the first edition of the initiative's joint vision and actions.

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