Congo, Democratic Republic of


The Crisis in Congo

Speaker: Roger A. Meece
Speaker: Anthony W. Gambino
Presider: Phillip Gourevitch

The panelists will provide an update on recent events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the country struggles with increasing violence and political, ethnic, and regional conflicts.

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Congo Update

Panelist: Mvemba Phezo Dizolele
Panelist: Anthony W. Gambino
Panelist: Ben Rawlence
Presider: Mora L. McLean

Often referred to as one of the deadliest and most forgotten wars, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has yet to see a lasting peace in over a decade. Join Mvemba Dizolele, Tony Gambino, and Ben Rawlence as they discuss the long history of the Congo, the roadblocks to a sustainable framework agreement, and recommendations for the United States and regional players moving forward.

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