Is Castro Right? The Prospects for Biofuel Development (Audio)

Speakers: David J. Rothkopf and C. Ford Runge
Presider: Julia E. Sweig

Listen to David Rothkopf, president and chief executive officer of Garten Rothkopf, and C. Ford Runge, distinguished McKnight university professor of applied economics at the University of Minnesota, discuss the potential impact of the increasing demand for biofuels on global energy and food security.

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Must Read

Prospect Magazine: A Cuban Death Rehearsal

Author: Bella Thomas

In Prospect Magazine, Bella Harris writes about Cuba in a post-Castro era. She concludes that little has changed over recent years and life for most Cubans remains harsh. Yet western visitors continue to romanticize the place as a viable alternative to western capitalism. 

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Online Debate

U.S. Engagement with a Post-Castro Cuba

U.S.-Cuban relations have been virtually nonexistent since 1961, when the United States assumed a two-pronged policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation. Now that Fidel has transferred power to his younger brother, Raul, some experts think the United States should reconsider its policy toward Cuba. Philip Peters of the Lexington Institute and Dennis Hays, the State Department's former Coordinator for Cuban Affairs, debate how the United States should engage with a post-Castro Cuba.

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Analysis Brief

Cuba’s Slow Motion Change

After Fidel Castro transferred power to his younger brother, Raul, in early August, analysts have been watching Cuba closely and speculating about a post-Castro Cuba. But little has changed under Raul, and attention has shifted to the roles of Venezuela and the United States as both seek to influence Cuba’s future.

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Latell: A Post-Fidel Cuba Likely to Experiment with Economic Reforms

Brian Latell interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Brian Latell, who for many years was the CIA’s top Cuban and Latin American analyst, says if Fidel Castro is unable to recover from his ailments his successors are likely to be more willing to experiment with economic reforms. He also recommends the Bush administration establish formal contacts with the Cuban military.

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Analysis Brief

Castro, Sick, Bows to Brother Raul

Fidel Castro's government says the Cuban leader has ceded power temporarily to his younger brother Raul to allow the revolutionary icon to recover from gastro-intestinal surgery. It marks the first time since 1959 power has been exercised by anyone but the "maximum leader," piquing the interest of analysts abroad.

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