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Prospect Magazine: A Cuban Death Rehearsal

Author: Bella Thomas

In Prospect Magazine, Bella Harris writes about Cuba in a post-Castro era. She concludes that little has changed over recent years and life for most Cubans remains harsh. Yet western visitors continue to romanticize the place as a viable alternative to western capitalism. 

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Online Debate

U.S. Engagement with a Post-Castro Cuba

U.S.-Cuban relations have been virtually nonexistent since 1961, when the United States assumed a two-pronged policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation. Now that Fidel has transferred power to his younger brother, Raul, some experts think the United States should reconsider its policy toward Cuba. Philip Peters of the Lexington Institute and Dennis Hays, the State Department's former Coordinator for Cuban Affairs, debate how the United States should engage with a post-Castro Cuba.

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Low-Hanging Fruit

Author: Julia E. Sweig
Folha de Sao Paulo

In the wake of the preliminary accord reached with Iran, Julia Sweig proposes that the Obama administration pursue a diplomatic resolution to another vexing element of U.S. foreign affairs: the relationship with Cuba.

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