Cyprus's Bailout: Three Things to Know

Speaker: Robert E. Rubin

Cyprus's last-minute bailout deal highlights the vulnerabilities in the island nation's financial system, as well as the flaws in the eurozone's ability to effectively respond to banking crises, says CFR's Robert E. Rubin.

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Cyprus’ Elections

Author: Alexandra Silver

Cyprus' parliamentary elections are the first since the 2004 referendum on Kofi Annan's plan for reunification was voted down, and the first since the country's accession to the EU that same year. These elections differ further in that some Turkish Cypriots have registered to vote, and a Turkish Cypriot is running for office.

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Primary Sources

Annan Plan: Comprehensive Settlement of the Cyprus Problem

The plan was presented for the first time in November 2002 and a final version presented by Secretary-General Annan on March 31, 2004 in Switzerland. The plan proposed making Cyprus into two states with a central government. It was rejected in an April 2004 referendum; a majority of Turkish Cypriots approved the plan while a majority of Greek Cypriots voted against it.

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