Rockets from Sinai

Author: Elliott Abrams
National Review

Elliott Abrams says the Egyptian military wants to maintain correct relations with Israel, honor the peace treaty, and continue receiving American aid, but firing rockets into Israel threatens these goals.

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Must Read

CRS: Egypt in Transition

Author: Jeremy M. Sharp

This report provides a brief overview of the transition underway and information on U.S. foreign aid to Egypt. U.S. policy toward Egypt has long been framed as an investment in regional stability, built primarily on long-running military cooperation and sustaining the March 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

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Egypt's Elections: A Report from Cairo

Speaker: Ed Husain
Presider: Toni Johnson

Egyptians headed to the polls Monday in the first parliamentary elections since the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak amid deepening divisions in society and concern about the nation's direction. Join CFR senior fellow Ed Husain, who is currently in Cairo, for an analysis of the elections and the path ahead.

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