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AP: 'Cheap' Bread to Cost Billions in New Egypt

Author: Charles Hanley

For over a half-century the Egyptian government has sold cut-rate wheat flour to bakeries for the production of bread. Many Egyptians rely on this subsidy, but in the face of a looming global food crisis, the program may cost billions of dollars for the new Cairo leadership.

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Egypt's Referendum: Nervous Steps Forward

Steven A. Cook interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Egypt's constitutional referendum passed in the country's fairest polls in decades, but concern persists over the ability of non-democratic forces to gain the advantage in the next parliamentary and presidential elections, says CFR's Steven Cook.

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International Crisis Group: Egypt Victorious?

Author: International Crisis Group

The latest report from the International Crisis Group, analyses the many challenges that lie ahead for Egypt, a country that now needs to combine functioning, stable institutions with genuine political and socio-economic transformation.

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