Egypt's Presidential Elections: Three Things to Know

Egyptians' first free presidential election is a test of the power of Islamist parties, and the new president will shape the country's future by helping craft a new constitution as well as a new relationship with parliament and the military, says CFR's Isobel Coleman.

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Egypt's Complex Presidential Politics

Steven A. Cook interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Registration is now closed for Egypt's upcoming presidential election. CFR's Steven A. Cook discusses major contenders, including the Muslim Brotherhood's Khairat al-Shater and last-minute entrant Omar Suleiman, Hosni Mubarak's one-time spy chief.

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Rockets from Sinai

Author: Elliott Abrams
National Review

Elliott Abrams says the Egyptian military wants to maintain correct relations with Israel, honor the peace treaty, and continue receiving American aid, but firing rockets into Israel threatens these goals.

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