Tough Love for Eurozone

Daniel Gros interviewed by Roya Wolverson

Saving the European Union requires a plan to allow fiscally weak member countries to fail, as well as painful lifestyle changes and some loss of national sovereignty, says the Centre for European Policy Studies' Daniel Gros.

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Leaving the Euro Behind?

Author: Sebastian Mallaby
Washington Post

Sebastian Mallaby says that the eurozone's twin temptations--to borrow too much, to raise wages too much--always threatened the cohesion of the currency union. If Greece is rescued from its follies, these temptations will become stronger.

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Foreign Affairs Article

The Brussels Wall

Author: William Drozdiak

As the United States and Europe face common threats around the globe, the time has come to break down the bureaucratic barrier between the European Union and NATO. Today's challenges require the hard power of NATO and the soft power of the EU.

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Must Read

FT: Why Greece Will Have to Leave the Eurozone

Author: Desmond Lachman

According to Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute, Greece is approaching the final stages of its currency arrangement. There is every prospect that within two to three years, after much official money is thrown its way, Greece's euro membership will end with a bang.

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The U.S.-Europe Partnership (Audio)

Speaker: Philip H. Gordon
Presider: Karen E. Donfried

Listen to Philip H. Gordon, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, shed light on the status and future of the U.S.-European relationship under a new president's leadership, as well as the role of the transatlantic partnership in addressing international security challenges.

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Will a Stronger Europe Emerge from Unification Moves?

Charles A. Kupchan interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Moves toward the approval of the Lisbon Treaty could create a stronger European partner for Washington in global affairs, says CFR's Charles Kupchan. But he cites a competing trend toward stronger nation-states in Europe.

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