Analysis Brief Author: Roya Wolverson

Ireland's multibillion-dollar bailout failed to alleviate investor jitters about Europe's debt woes. Experts warn about the fallout for eurozone countries, the heavily indebted United States, and the global economic recovery.

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Analysis Brief

Europe's Energy Predicament

Author: Toni Johnson

The Russia-Ukraine gas dispute has heightened interest in diversifying EU energy sources. Climate change policies, environmental concerns, and economic hurdles stand in the way.

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Analysis Brief

Turkey's Iraq Surge

Author: Greg Bruno

Turkish military strikes on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq underscore the ethnic tensions mounting in the region. The unsettled matter of Kirkuk also feeds insecurity.

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Analysis Brief

Considering the PetroEuro

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

Some OPEC states say oil should be sold in euros, not dollars. The switch could have a substantial economic impact for oil states and the United States.

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