Street Savvy

Author: Walter Russell Mead
National Interest Online

Walter Russell Mead argues that “a Sarkozy who overcomes the transport unions will take a decisive step toward the modernization of France.”

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Sexy Cecilia of France Is Shown Up by Christine: Amity Shlaes

Author: Amity Shlaes

News that Cecilia Sarkozy is divorcing her husband, President Nicolas Sarkozy, is all over the U.S. press. But there is another woman in the Sarkozy constellation who matters more than Cecilia. She is Christine Lagarde, the 51-year- old French finance minister.  At a recent meeting at the Council on Foreign Relations, Lagarde outlined her plan to cut marginal taxes on labor, lower the tax rate on investors by boosting research tax credits, lower the share of citizens' total income that can go to income taxes to 50 percent or less, and end a requirement that all patents be translated into French. Amity Shales writes that Lagarde is the one most likely to seduce investors away from the U.S. and to France.

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