Analysis Brief

Russia Sanctions Georgia

Russia has severed transport links with Georgia as the most serious row in years between the two sides deepens. The move follows Georgia’s temporary seizure of Russian military officers, a mark of Tbilisi’s frustration over Russian policy in the region.

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Council Special Report No. 1

Stability, Security and Sovereignty in the Republic of Georgia

Author: David L. Phillips

Georgia is strategically important to the United States in the war on terror and an indispensable transit point for energy supplies between Asia and Europe. Though the country’s November 2003 “revolution of roses” is the most positive event to have occurred in the countries of the former Soviet Union in more than a decade, Georgia is entering an unstable period of transition as its new government tries to promote national coherence among the country’s ethnic groups and takes steps to dismantle the corrupt power structure that thrived under former president Eduard Shevardnadze. This timely report, written by an expert on conflict prevention in the Caucasus, recommends steps the United States and the international community can to take to bolster President Mikhail Saakashvili as well as moves his government should make in the short and long term.

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