Analysis Brief

India's Terrorism Struggle

The July 11 Mumbai train bombings touched off a debate in India over how the nation combats terrorism. While some argue government reforms are required, others say the nation should address what they see as the root of the problemPakistan.

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Analysis Brief

Nuclear Deal Caps India Visit

The U.S.-Indian relationship has warmed to unprecedented levels in recent years, capped by a landmark nuclear deal announced by President Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But the deal faces serious hurdles before it can be implemented.

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Article Author: Edward Alden
Nikkei Asian Review

The government of India filed suit on March 3 in the World Trade Organization (WTO) seeking to overturn a new U.S. tax on high-skilled migrants that India says discriminates against its citizens and would damage some of its most successful companies. The case marks the first time that a country's immigration laws have been challenged using the rules of a trade agreement, writes CFR’s Edward Alden.

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