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Carnegie Endowment: Toward Realistic U.S.-India Relations

Author: George Perkovich

As President Obama prepares to visit India next month, he faces criticism that his administration has done too little to enhance U.S.-India relations. George Perkovich argues that expectations for a partnership between the two countries in the near term are unrealistically high and overlook how their interests, policies, and diplomatic style will often diverge. U.S. policy cannot do much to help India's rise, but it can inflict major damage on global problem-solving efforts if it defers too readily to the narrow, often mercantile demands of the current relationship.

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Transcript Speaker: Anand Sharma
Presider: Carla A. Hills

As India's economy continues its strong rebound from the global economic and financial crisis at the same time that the United States faces high unemployment, fears about a double dip recession, and slower growth, the U.S.-India relationship has become increasingly important for policymakers and businesses in both countries. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  recently noted that the United States is "laying the foundation for an indispensable partnership. President Obama will use his visit in November to take our relationship to the next level." What are the next steps in the U.S.-India economic relationship? How does India's economic progress shape its global outlook? Where are the domestic and international business opportunities in India? Please join Minister Sharma as he shares his views on India's economy and role in global economic issues, including India's free trade agreements; the rising profile of trade in India's growth story; the U.S.-India economic relationship; and expectations for President Obama's visit.

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CNAS: South Asia's Geography of Conflict

Author: Robert D. Kaplan

In South Asia's Geography of Conflict, CNAS Senior Fellow Robert D. Kaplan provides a detailed analysis of South Asia's history and geography including the broad arc of territory from Afghanistan southeastward into northern India and highlights India's pivotal role in the region.

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