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RAND: The Lessons of Mumbai

Authors: Angel Rabasa, Robert D. Blackwill, Peter Chalk, Kim Cragin, C. Christine Fair, Brian A. Jackson, Brian Jenkins, Seth G. Jones, Nathaniel Shestak, and Ashley J. Tellis

This RAND Corporation report analyzes the November 26, 2008, Mumbai terrorist attack and draws preliminary conclusions on what lessons can be derived from the incident, as well as its implications for India, Pakistan, and the world at large.

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In Mumbai This Time

Author: Michael J. Gerson
The Washington Post

Michael Gerson writes that "there is a lesson here for Barack Obama's administration: Sometimes power must be lightly held to be effectively employed."

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Analysis Brief

A Pakistan Connection?

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

India-Pakistan tensions rise as New Delhi accuses Pakistan of involvement in last week's Mumbai attacks. Experts fear this might threaten regional stability, and make it difficult to stabilize Afghanistan.

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Counterterrorism in India

Authors: Eben Kaplan and Jayshree Bajoria

India has been battling terrorism for as long as it has been a sovereign nation. This backgrounder examines the country's counterterrorism efforts.

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EPW: India and Bretton Woods II

Authors: Aaditya Mattoo and Arvind Subramanian

The G-20 meeting in Washington on November 15 is an opportunity for India to help shape the new global economic architecture in line with its strategic interests. India should propose short-term crisis response actions and suggest a clear medium-term agenda.

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