U.S.-India Innovation Cooperation

The Obama administration has identified cooperation on science, technology, and innovation as a major focus of its relationship with India. Analyst Manjeet Kripalani says implementation remains a challenge and recommends greater deregulation of scientific institutions in India.

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Reassuring India

R. Nicholas Burns interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

As the Indian prime minister meets President Obama this week, lead negotiator on U.S.-India nuclear deal Nicholas Burns says the Obama administration must reassure New Delhi that it is a "valued strategic partner."

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'The News Industry is a Public Service'

Interview of: Manjeet Kripalani

As part of the Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship 60th Anniversary initiative current and former fellows discuss the stories that have had the most impact and present ideas for sustaining serious international journalism. Former fellow Manjeet Kripalani talks about spotting the early trends in globalization towards India and her coverage of that trend. She goes on to propose a shift in the news industry that would see news organizations from countries like India and Mexico take on the void left by western organizations that are increasingly deprived of funding. For more on the initiative, visit

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Foreign Affairs Article

Letter From New Delhi

Author: Samanth Subramanian

The BJP's Hindu nationalism may have won it votes in the past, but the party now faces an identity crisis that is imperiling its future.

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India's Climate Change Forecast

Jairam Ramesh interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

Environment minister Jairam Ramesh says India plans to outline unilateral greenhouse gas emissions cuts soon. But he says rich states must commit to greater cuts of their own before developing countries can agree on binding global targets.

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