Analysis Brief

Iraq Looms over U.S. Elections

U.S. fatalities in Iraq have spiked just ahead of midterm elections in which Republicans are scrambling to maintain a majority in Congress. Voters are concerned about Iraq but it remains unclear whether their unease will bring about a power shift.

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Analysis Brief

In Iraq, Sadr Looms Over Maliki

As U.S. officials begin to lose confidence in Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister looks to shore up support among his Shiite base, which includes Muqtada al-Sadr. Yet behind much of Iraq’s sectarian violence is Sadr’s militia.

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Analysis Brief

Iraq Troop Levels Again At Issue

Stretching back to Vietnam, the number of U.S. forces deployed in combat has played heavily in American politics. As U.S. casualties in Iraq continue to climb, troop levels again have become a hot-button electoral issue. 

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Analysis Brief

Iraq, Terrorism, and U.S. Politics

The good news is that a political debate over the situation in Iraq—how it deteriorated and what to do about it—now rages in America. But against the backdrop of a midterm election campaign, there has been little room for a constructive discourse about the war. 

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Analysis Brief

The Fight Over Iraq

Iraq's sectarian violence took a turn for the worse this summer, fueling fears of an all-out civil war on one hand, and a fierce battle over the wisdom of the Bush administration's policies on the other as America's mid-term elections approach.

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Analysis Brief

Saving Iraq

With congressional elections looming, U.S. voters on both sides of the aisle are calling for alternate solutions to resolve the Iraqi crisis, restore peace and stability there, and return U.S. soldiers home.

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Analysis Brief

A Unified 'Front' on Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki tells the U.S. Congress Iraq is a "front line" in the global struggle against terrorism. Maliki and Bush agree more troops will be sent to Baghdad as part of a fresh strategy to put down rising sectarian violence.

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Analysis Brief

Measuring Progress in Iraq

Iraq's government has made some headway in its first few weeks, though talk of a turning point may be premature. With America's casualty rate climbing and Iraqi infrastructure still subpar, many are asking: How does the U.S. define success?

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Analysis Brief

Bush, Blair and Iraq

President Bush and British leader Tony Blair met Thursday to discuss a full agenda, from Iran to Afghanistan to trade and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But all of it is overshadowed by their leading role in the Iraq war.

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