A Tenuous Deal in Iraq

Charles W. Dunne interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Despite a walkout by political leader Ayad Allawi, the Iraq power-sharing deal can hold if Prime Minister Maliki keeps his word and if the formation of a new government stir up frictions among rival blocs, says Iraq expert Charles W. Dunne.

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Iraq's Impasse and 'Confusing' Politics

Joost Hiltermann interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Despite reports of an emerging breakthrough, Iraq's political deadlock remains unresolved and seemingly far from the compromises necessary to clear the way for a governing coalition, says expert Joost R. Hiltermann.

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Must Read

NYT: Nation Building Works

Author: David Brooks

David Brooks writes that progress on Iraq's economic growth, basic security, and political and legal institutions shows U.S. nation building efforts in Iraq have worked.

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