Analysis Brief

A Costly Exit from Iraq

Author: Greg Bruno

President Obama says ending the war in Iraq will require a new definition of victory, and experts add that the United States should expect no peace dividend in its budget anytime soon.

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Iraq's Political Landscape

Author: Greg Bruno

Iraq's provincial elections provide signals about the maturity of the country's political system, as well as highlight new power brokers in the provinces.

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Finding a Place for the ‘Sons of Iraq’

Author: Greg Bruno

The Sunni awakening movement and the Sons of Iraq security forces it inspired helped restore peace. Iraq's long-term stability could hinge on keeping the movement satiated, experts say.

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Iraq: Assessing the Surge (Audio)

Speakers: Linda Robinson and Francis J. West
Presider: Deborah Susan Amos

Listen to Linda Robinson, author in residence at the Johns Hopkins University's Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies and Francis J. West, correspondent at the Atlantic Monthly Press, assess the political and strategic effects of the surge in Iraq.

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