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CJR: Too Close for Comfort?

Tara McKelvey profiles the Washington Post's special military correspondent, Thomas E. Ricks, and looks at the ways in which debates on counterinsurgency policy within the media blur accurate coverage of war strategy and purpose.

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Lessons Learned From Covering Iraq

Interview of: Mohamad Bazzi

As part of the Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship 60th Anniversary initiative current and former fellows discuss the stories that have had the most impact and present ideas for sustaining serious international journalism. Former fellow Mohamad Bazzi looks back to his early coverage of the Iraq war and what it taught him about the importance of having many different news outlets covering the same story. For more on the initiative, visit

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Foreign Affairs Article

Tehran's Take

Author: Mohsen M. Milani

Iran's foreign policy is often portrayed in sensationalistic terms, but in reality it is a rational strategy meant to ensure the survival of the Islamic Republic against what Tehran thinks is an existential threat posed by the United States.

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Analysis Brief

A Shaky Iraq's Sovereign Step

Author: Greg Bruno

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraqi cities was a relatively easy benchmark to meet, analysts say. Many are unsure whether the country can withstand a complete U.S. pullout in less than two years.

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