Foreign Affairs Article

Tehran's Take

Author: Mohsen M. Milani

Iran's foreign policy is often portrayed in sensationalistic terms, but in reality it is a rational strategy meant to ensure the survival of the Islamic Republic against what Tehran thinks is an existential threat posed by the United States.

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Analysis Brief

A Shaky Iraq's Sovereign Step

Author: Greg Bruno

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraqi cities was a relatively easy benchmark to meet, analysts say. Many are unsure whether the country can withstand a complete U.S. pullout in less than two years.

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Mission Not Accomplished

Authors: Leslie H. Gelb and Jeanne-Paloma Zelmati
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
Leslie H. Gelb and Jeanne-Paloma Zelmati analyze the print reporting leading up to the war in Iraq, and draw conclusions about the media's successes and failures.

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