Mission Not Accomplished

Authors: Leslie H. Gelb and Jeanne-Paloma Zelmati
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
Leslie H. Gelb and Jeanne-Paloma Zelmati analyze the print reporting leading up to the war in Iraq, and draw conclusions about the media's successes and failures.

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Contingency Planning Memorandum

Reversal in Iraq

Author: Stephen D. Biddle

Iraq is currently in the early stages of a negotiated end to an intense ethnosectarian war. As such, there are several contingencies in which recent, mostly positive trends in Iraq could be reversed, threatening U.S. national interests. This Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Memorandum by Stephen Biddle assesses four interrelated scenarios in Iraq that could derail the prospects for peace and stability in the short to medium term and posits concrete policy options to limit U.S. vulnerability to the possibility of such reversals.

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Foreign Affairs Article

A Tale of Two Wars

Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski

Richard Haass' perceptive insider's account of the policymaking leading up to both Iraq wars -- one a "war of choice," the other a "war of necessity" -- holds key lessons for future U.S. leadership in the Middle East and beyond.

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Analysis Brief

New Perils in Iraq

Author: Greg Bruno

A new wave of sectarian violence has broken out in Iraq as the United States shifts its military and strategic focus to Afghanistan. Analysts warn new tensions could complicate withdrawal plans.

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Misreading Iraq

Charles Duelfer, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, says the biggest failure in the run-up to the war was misreading Iraqis' intentions, a lesson to consider when dealing with other hard-to-gauge countries, like Iran.

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