Analysis Brief

Iran Looms over Bush Trip

Author: Greg Bruno

Iran looms large behind President Bush’s visit to the Mideast, and some Israelis fear Washington’s new views of Tehran’s nuclear activities reflect diverging U.S. and Israeli interests in the region.

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Analysis Brief

Olmert’s Overture

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this week invited Palestinian leaders to return to the bargaining table. But he and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas may lack the necessary political capital to change the current tenor of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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Analysis Brief

Palestine on the Brink

Violent clashes between rival groups appear to have derailed Palestinian unity talks and could escalate into civil war. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice—in the region to appeal for moderation—has gained little traction.  

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Analysis Brief

The War’s Forgotten Front

While the war raged in Lebanon, the other theater in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Gaza, was often overlooked. Though a cease-fire has stopped the fighting in the north, violence continues in Gaza. But Palestinian officials may form a "national unity" government as a result.

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Analysis Brief

Bloodshed Halts, Enmity Thrives

A UN Security Council truce finally forced Israel and Hezbollah to cease fire, but a final weekend of rockets, artillery, ground combat, and air strikes, as well as the blood spilled already, left the region's hatreds in full bloom.

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