Foreign Affairs Article

Enforcing the Peace

Author: Howard M. Sachar

The Israelis and the Palestinians will never find peace if they are left to negotiate on their own. As has been the case throughout history, great-power leadership is the missing ingredient. Washington must lead the way in enforcing a final-status settlement.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Armistice Now

Author: Ehud Yaari

Rather than pursuing a final-status deal now, Israel and the Palestinian Authority should agree to establish a Palestinian state within temporary armistice boundaries.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Hamas 2.0

Author: Michael Bröning

The January war in Gaza overshadowed the fact that Hamas is in the midst of an unprecedented ideological transformation -- and it's time for the West to pay attention.

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Analysis Brief

The Iranian Veto on Mideast Peace

Author: Greg Bruno

Preventing future violence between Israel and the Palestinians will require a regional strategy, active U.S. diplomacy, and increased cooperation from Arab governments. But Iran, too, must ultimately be part of any solution.

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Analysis Brief

Beyond Gaza

Author: Michael Moran

After a long delay, the United States adds its voice to those calling for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.  In the longer term, analysts hope prospects for restarting peace talks will have improved once the guns fall silent.

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