Peace Was Not at Hand

Author: Elliott Abrams
Weekly Standard

Elliott Abrams says that while former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert claims he had very nearly clinched a peace deal with the Palestinians before leaving office, an agreement was in fact not at hand.

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Leaky Diplomacy and Arab Anxiety

Authors: Dana H. Allin and Steven Simon
Oxford University Press

Dana H. Allin and Steven Simon say that while the WikiLeaks disclosures were reckless, Washington does not have to change its course on dealing with Iran.

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Obama's Mideast Bribes Won't Work

Author: Leslie H. Gelb
The Daily Beast

Leslie H. Gelb says that while Israel will likely take Obama and Clinton's $3 billion offer in exchange for a settlement freeze, a peace deal would depend on a dramatic step not by the Israelis, but by the Palestinians.

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The World Must Do More For Middle East Peace

Author: Walter Russell Mead
American Interest

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Walter Russell Mead says, "...neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are really responsible for the mess that they are both in--and neither party can solve the problem on its own."

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