Rockets from Sinai

Author: Elliott Abrams
National Review

Elliott Abrams says the Egyptian military wants to maintain correct relations with Israel, honor the peace treaty, and continue receiving American aid, but firing rockets into Israel threatens these goals.

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Must Read

FP: America's Israel Obsession

Author: Shmuel Rosner, Chief U.S. Correspondent, Haaretz

The United States media has a disproportionate coverage of Israel, as opposed to other countries or issues. At Foreign Policy, Shmuel Rosner asks what's behind the U.S. obsession with Israel.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Can the Center Hold?

Author: Yossi Klein Halevi

A pair of recent articles in this magazine highlighted two sides of Israel's current dilemma: the country does need to end the occupation, but Israelis also remain deeply skeptical of Palestinian intentions, and with good reason. Only one thing will break the paralysis of the Israeli center: if the Palestinians accept Israel's basic legitimacy.

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Israel’s New Neighborhood

Speaker: Kay Granger
Presider: Michael Mosettig

Representative Kay Granger (R-TX) discusses the changing environment in the Middle East, focusing on Israel's future relations with Egypt and its other neighbors.

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