SCUDs and Syria

Author: Elliott Abrams
National Review

Elliott Abrams argues that if indeed Syria is supplying Hezbollah with SCUD missiles, Israel's right to self defense as well as the relevant UN resolutions allow military action against this threat--and the United States should make this clear.

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NYT: Democracy's Price of Admission

Author: Tzipi Livni

In this New York Times Op-Ed Tzipi Livni, a former vice prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of Israel, writes about Lebanon's upcoming parliamentary elections and comments that voting alone does not constitute democracy, but rather the values of participating parties must also be taken into account.

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The Strategic Studies Institute: The 2006 Lebanon Campaign and the Future of Warfare: Implications for Army and Defense Policy

Authors: Stephen D. Biddle and Jeffrey A. Friedman

This monograph assesses the claim that future warfare is a matter of nonstate actors employing irregular methods against Western states through a detailed analysis of Hezbollah’s military behavior, coupled with deductive inference from observable Hezbollah behavior in the field to findings for their larger strategic intent for the campaign.

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