Analysis Brief

Brinksmanship in Lebanon

The assassination of Pierre Gemayel, a prominent anti-Syrian cabinet minister, further destabilizes a shaky political balance in Lebanon. The nation is left teetering at the edge of a crisis, the effects of which could ripple across the region.

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Analysis Brief

Somalia Exporting Discord?

A new UN report details a complex and troubling exchange that allegedly provided weapons to Somalia’s Islamist power brokers in exchange for dispatching Islamist commandos to Hezbollah and opening Somali uranium mines to Iran.

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Analysis Brief

Beirut’s Power Brokers

Lebanon’s political leaders are meeting this week to discuss a greater role for Hezbollah and other political groups in the nation’s government. But as is often the case with Lebanon, national politics have regional implications.

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Analysis Brief

UN Force Forming in Lebanon

The lifting of the Israeli blockade and the arrival of European peacekeepers are two long-awaited signs of progress in Lebanon. The withdrawal of Israeli forces could be next. Despite these developments, the UN force has a tough job ahead.

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