Analysis Brief

UN Force Forming in Lebanon

The lifting of the Israeli blockade and the arrival of European peacekeepers are two long-awaited signs of progress in Lebanon. The withdrawal of Israeli forces could be next. Despite these developments, the UN force has a tough job ahead.

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Analysis Brief

Bloodshed Halts, Enmity Thrives

A UN Security Council truce finally forced Israel and Hezbollah to cease fire, but a final weekend of rockets, artillery, ground combat, and air strikes, as well as the blood spilled already, left the region's hatreds in full bloom.

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Must Read

Amnesty International: Israel/Lebanon: Deliberate destruction or "collateral damage"? Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure

Author: Jan Egeland

This link is to Amnesty International’s initial assessment and concerns on the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Lebanon that has taken place during the recent conflict. It is based on first-hand information from a field mission which has visited Lebanon; interviews with dozens of victims of the attacks; official statements and press accounts; discussions with UN, Israeli military and Lebanese government officials; and talks with Israeli and Lebanese non-governmental groups.

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