Don't Blame The Jews

Author: Walter Russell Mead
American Interest

Walter Russell Mead discusses the history of American Christian missionaries in the Arab world and their role in shaping American public opinion.

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A Conversation with Desmond Tutu

Speaker: Desmond Tutu
Presider: Peggy Dulany

Watch Desmond Tutu, archbishop emeritus and Nobel peace laureate, discuss faith and foreign policy.

This meeting was the annual David A. Morse Lecture and was cosponsored with the CFR Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative.

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Must Read

Chicago Council: Engaging Religious Communities Abroad

Authors: R. Scott Appleby, Richard Cizik, and Thomas Wright

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs' Task Force on Religion and the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy just released its report, which aims to advance the understanding of religion's role in world affairs.  The study finds that religion is playing an increasingly influential role in the public sphere and recommends that the United States move beyond traditional state-to-state relations to develop policies for engaging religious communities across nations. 

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Must Read

WashPost: American foreign policy's God gap

Author: David Waters

In this Washington Post op-ed, David Waters looks at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs' study on religion's role in U.S. foreign policy. The study finds that America's "uncompromising Western secularism" is feeding religious extremism and recommends that U.S. foreign policy engage more broadly with all religious communities.

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Malaysia, Egypt: A Fight over Faith

Angela Wu interviewed by Toni Johnson

Recent violence against Christians in Malaysia and Egypt points to rising tensions over religious freedom and Islamic identity. Legal expert Angela Wu argues these issues must be considered more carefully in U.S. foreign policy.

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