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FT: Questions but no answers for Nato in Libya

Author: Max Hastings

Even those who opposed the Libyan entanglement would agree that the west must see this through to an acceptable conclusion. The honour and credibility of the west are now engaged here, writes Max Hastings of the Financial Times.


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NYT: What the Libyan Resistance Needs

Author: Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally

In this New York Times Op-Ed, Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally argues that the Libyan opposition needs financial support and diplomatic recognition to defeat Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

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Think Again: Libya

Author: Micah Zenko
Foreign Policy

Micah Zenko argues that while the United States should continue to use its military capabilities to support the no-fly zone in Libya, it should also work toward a negotiated end to the civil war.

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