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Nigeria's Leadership Crisis

Author: John Campbell
Business Day

"President Yar'Adua's periodic illness since 2007, beyond depriving Nigeria of its leading regional role," states John Campbell, "has also created a succession crisis that raises the stakes for military adventurism."

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Nigeria: Elections and Continuing Challenges

Author: Robert I. Rotberg

This module features teaching notes by World Peace Foundation president Robert I. Rotberg, author of Nigeria: Elections and Continuing Challenges, along with other resources to supplement the text. In the report, Rotberg describes what steps might be taken to strengthen democracy in the near-term and to tackle Nigeria's long-term challenges of governance, security, and development.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Nigeria's Rigged Democracy

Author: Jean Herskovits

Nigeria's elections last April were among the most seriously flawed in the country's history, thanks largely to the manipulations of the U.S.-backed ruling party. With Nigerians increasingly clamoring for accountability, Washington's continuing support could generate more unrest -- and could pose a risk both to oil supplies coming out of Nigeria and to the stability of West Africa.

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