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Understanding the Armed Groups of the Niger Delta

Author: Judith Burdin Asuni

Nigeria's underdeveloped but oil-rich Niger Delta region currently is the site of a crippling insurgency. Fueled by a complex mixture of protest, crime, and political corruption, the network of armed groups that create this instability pose serious problems both for Abuja and for oil-importing countries across the globe. This Working Paper provides insights into these militias' origins, characteristics, and interactions with one another.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink

Author: John Campbell

This module features Teaching Notes by author and CFR Senior Fellow John Campbell with discussion questions, essay questions, activities, and additional materials for educators to supplement the use of the updated CFR book Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink in the classroom. In this book, Ambassador Campbell examines Nigeria's postcolonial past and offers policy options for the United States to help promote political, social, and economic development.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Nigeria: Elections and Continuing Challenges

Author: Robert I. Rotberg

This module features teaching notes by World Peace Foundation president Robert I. Rotberg, author of Nigeria: Elections and Continuing Challenges, along with other resources to supplement the text. In the report, Rotberg describes what steps might be taken to strengthen democracy in the near-term and to tackle Nigeria's long-term challenges of governance, security, and development.

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Nigeria: Principal Issues

Author: Princeton N. Lyman

Africa expert Princeton N. Lyman gives the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations an update on developments in Nigeria.

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Nigeria in Turmoil

Speakers: John Campbell, Bennett Freeman, and Peter M. Lewis
Presider: Carol J. Lancaster

On Sunday, an outbreak of ethnic violence in Jos, Nigeria resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths, again drawing international attention to the increasingly unstable situation in the country. Please join John Campbell, Bennett Freeman, and Peter Lewis to discuss Nigeria's political crisis, sectarian conflict, security conditions, and energy sector.

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