North Korea

Analysis Brief

Shrugging Off Sanctions

The UN Security Council has barred member states from supplying North Korea with missile parts in response to recent tests. The country with the most leverage in North Korea—China—has mostly buffered Pyongyang from strong action but could be losing patience with its neighbor.

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Analysis Brief

Preventing Ballistic Surprises

North Korea's recent missile tests and Iran's ongoing quest for nuclear weaponry illustrate the need for an effective strategy to prevent other rogue states from acquiring nuclear technology. A relatively new program to interdict suspect shipments on the high seas is gaining favor around the world.

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Analysis Brief

North Korea Missile Tests Draw World's Ire

The North Korean test-firing of a mix of short- and medium-range missiles drew the anger of Japan, the United States, and other leading nations. One missile, a long-range Taepodong 2 that exploded in mid-air, caused particular concern in Washington as experts say it is designed to reach the West Coast of the United States.

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Analysis Brief

North Korea Flexes Its Muscles

North Korea has made threatening moves toward testing a long-range ballistic missile, prompting warnings from the United States and Japan. Some experts say it may be more productive to focus on economic engagement with Pyongyang than disarmament.

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Analysis Brief

North Korea Flirts with Capitalism

As North Korea's economy continues its free fall, President Kim Jung-Il is trying something new: capitalism. But despite gradual trade and market reforms, Kim's commitment to the new path is uncertain, and his regime's involvement in international crime and money-laundering is growing.

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U.S. Policy Toward North Korea

Author: Scott A. Snyder
SERI Quarterly

"The complex evolution of the Obama administration's policy toward North Korea during its first term and the characteristics of President Obama's world view together provide a framework for considering what the administration is likely to do in a second term," says Scott A. Snyder.

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China-Korea Relations: China’s Post-Kim Jong Il Debate

Authors: Scott A. Snyder and See-won Byun
Comparative Connections

Scott A. Snyder and See-won Byun observe that while the twenty-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea may provide a pretext for more active diplomacy to meet a growing list of potential disputes in the relationship, high-level contacts between China and North Korea have stalled, dampening China's hopes for regional engagement.

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