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After President Obama’s trip to the Middle East, can he be more assertive in solving Israeli-Palestinian issues?

Asked by Mirvet S Muca, Ph.D, from Naugatuck Valley Comm. College

The conventional wisdom has it that second-term presidents, freed from the need to win another election, tend to be bolder in their initiatives. While that logic may apply to President Obama's domestic policy, it is unlikely to extend abroad.

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What is the impact of the Arab Spring on the Palestinian Authority’s foreign policy?

Asked by Andrew, from Virginia Tech

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is not an actual government, nor is Palestine a universally recognized nation. Therefore, it makes little sense to speak of the PA's "foreign policy." However, when it comes to the PA's relations with its neighbors, the Arab Spring revolutions have been a mixed blessing.

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After Fayyad

Author: Elliott Abrams
Weekly Standard

Elliott Abrams analyzes the implications of the forced resignation of the Palestinian Authority prime Minister, Salam Fayyad.

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