Peru's Moment of Opportunity

Michael Shifter interviewed by Aimee Rawlins

Ollanta Humala's victory in Peru's presidential election should mean continued solid relations with the United States and is an opportunity to further prove that moderate leftism is the consensus model for Latin American politics, says expert Michael Shifter.

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Peru Faces Crucial Election

Author: Joel D. Hirst
Latin American Herald Tribune

Joel D. Hirst discusses the upcoming election in Peru and says that a possible presidency by candidate Colonel Ollanta Humala holds serious consequences for Peruvians.

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Deforestation in Peru's Amazon

Peru's rainforest may be the next region of major deforestation unless measures are taken to avoid it, says environmental advocate Bruce Cabarle. He notes that a new international agreement on climate change is essential to efforts by countries to combat deforestation.

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Analysis Brief

Peru Leans Leftward

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

A nationalist candidate has risen from obscurity to emerge as the favorite after Peru's April 9 presidential election. Will Ollanta Humala's supporters lead Peru into Latin America's leftward tide?

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Peru’s Elections

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

Peru's upcoming presidential election could be an important litmus test in a region leaning leftward.

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