Polar Regions


Look North, America

Author: Captain Melissa Bert, USCG
International Herald Tribune

Captain Melissa Bert, USCG, argues that the United States will lose out economically and environmentally if it does not take advantage of resources in the Alaskan Arctic.

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Arctic Treasure

Author: John B. Bellinger III
Foreign Policy

John B. Bellinger III says President Obama should seize the opportunity presented by Republican support for increased domestic oil and gas production to urge the Senate to approve the Law of the Sea Convention.

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Critical Choices in Ocean Governance

Speakers: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Admiral Thad W. Allen, David Rockefeller Jr., and Tom Fry
Presider: Scott G. Borgerson

Experts on ocean governance gather in the Council's International Institutions and Global Governance Program meeting on U.S. ocean governance in an international context. They discuss the emerging issues of the high seas and how U.S. policies will interact with foreign initiatives and treay arrangements.

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Adapting to Climate Change in the Arctic—Coordinating a Federal, State and Private Sector Response

Speakers: Senator Mark Begich and Senator Lisa Murkowski
Presider: Scott G. Borgerson

Senator Mark Begich (D-Ak) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak) speak to the Council on public and private strategies for adapting to climate change in Arctic Alaska. Scott G. Borgerson, visiting fellow for Ocean Governance at the Council, presides.

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Must Read

Washington Times: Polar Diplomacy

Author: Paula J. Dobriansky

Paula J. Dobriansky argues that the continuing success of the Antarctic Treaty at its 50th anniversary offers policymakers a powerful diplomatic template on which to combat pressing security, economic, and environmental challenges in the region.

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An Arctic Circle of Friends

Authors: Scott G. Borgerson and Caitlyn Antrim
New York Times

Scott Borgerson and Caitlyn Antrim argue that the United States should show leadership on the formation of an Arctic "polar park" for international scientific research.

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Sea Change

Author: Scott G. Borgerson

Scott Borgerson visually explores the changing Arctic using an interactive map.

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The Whale Oil Economy

Author: Michael J. Gerson
Washington Post

Writing from within the Arctic Circle, Michael Gerson, describes the harsh realities of an ecosystem being tangibly changed by the climate disruption that stems from global warming.

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