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The New Republic: What Really Scares Vladmir Putin the Most

Author: Julia Ioffe

"[Putin's] worldview is that the world is in such a chaotic, incomprehensible state, that all attempts to influence it with direct action are counterproductive and only bring the opposite of the intended result,' says Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor of Russia in Global Affairs, who is seen as a good decoder of the Kremlin's thinking. Furthermore, the trope of U.S. obligation to do this or enforce that is more than galling to Putin, Lukyanov says. It is incomprehensible."

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Why It's a Mistake to Ignore Russia

Author: Carla Anne Robbins

Carla Robbins argues that ignoring the Kremlin and putting current U.S.-Russia relations on pause is not an option worth pursuing. She stresses the importance of publicly warning Russia of the damage done to its global reputation through current policies, and the need to engage with Russia in areas of common interest, such as Iran.

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Presidential Inbox Series: Russia

Speakers: Andrei Shleifer and Julia Ioffe
Presider: Thomas Graham

Experts discuss Russia, as part of the U.S. presidential inbox series examining the major issues confronting the administration in the foreign policy arena.

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Ask CFR Experts

Will Russia’s economy keep growing along with the BRICS states or start to decline?

Asked by Ihorran Caldeira, from University of Sao Paulo

The so-called "BRICS"Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africaare a group of countries that have enjoyed relatively fast economic growth and increased political influence. Russia's economy used to occupy the middle tier of the BRICS, but today many Russians worry that it is dropping to the bottom of the group.

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Ask CFR Experts

What can be done to improve relations between the United States and Russia, given recent problems with the “reset”?

Asked by Brian Runyon, from United States

The current nasty atmosphere between Russia and the United States goes beyond one or two disputed issues and will be difficult to improve. There have been regular spikes of tension in the U.S.-Russia relationship for the last fifteen years, and they will likely continue.

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